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You will find our immigration legal fees affordable, reasonable and highly competitive for the expertise and outstanding services we provide. Most of our Immigration cases are charged on a flat fee basis, based on the nature of the case and the complexities presented. To request a free case retainership fee quote please send an email with your case details to: or

call us at 281-903-4473.

NOTE: Sending us the details of your case for a fee quote does not create an attorney-client relationship. This type of relationship can only be established by a formal written and signed agreement between the Fasidi Legal Group and you.


We provide a FREE one time 15 minutes case review over the phone. For a more comprehensive immigration legal consultation the Fasidi Legal Group offers 3 methods of client consultations with Busayo Fasidi, ESQ. 

In-person/ Office Consultations:

Office Consultations at the Fasidi Legal Group are by appointment only. The cost of an office consultation is $160 per hour.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations are charged at the rate of $75 for 30 minutes. Once a time and date is agreed we will initiate the call. To accommodate our clients busy schedule we offer extended hours for phone consultations; you can schedule any time from 9 am- 10.30pm, Mondays through Saturdays.

E-mail Consultation

Depending on the complexity presented in each case the price for an email consultations will be charged on a case by case basis.


  1. Fill in the form below in order to initiate the consultation
  2. Once form is received a time and date for consultation will be decided on thereafter a request for payment will be sent by us through the appropriate medium.
  3. Receipt of the payment will confirm the appointment 
  4. Prior to the set appointment time you will receive from us a more comprehensive immigration consultation form either by fax or email. 

NOTE: A ONE TIME CONSULTATION creates an Attorney- Client relationship only for the duration of the consultation and is limited to the specific question or problem for the particular person presented in the consultation request form, based on existing facts and law. If there are new or additional problems or issues with respect to the person, future changes or differences in law or facts, and/another person’s problems, then a new consultation (and new consultation fee) will be required.

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