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find out if you qualify for the the Deferred Adjudication

Services Include:

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  • Adjustment of Status
  • Green card processing and renewals
  • Naturalization
  • Removal of Conditions
  • Consular processing 
  • Citizenship
  • Fiance(e) visas
  • Waivers
  • Response to request for evidence or intent to deny
  • VAWA
  • Asylum
  • Deportation Proceedings
  • Student visas
  • Non-immigrant visas
  • Appeals
  • Motions to reopen or Motions to reconsider
  • Deferred Action Program (DACA)
  • Interview preparation

Serve as your company's outside general counsel on an as need basis and will be available to work on site or remotely via your company's VPN. Like a full time in-house counsel I can have an email on your company's email system and take other necessary steps to ensure integration with the management team.

I offer full service and unbundled (limited scope) immigration services for clients who choose to represent themselves. 

10 Years of Experience

In This Field

I offer low cost limited scope or unbundled attorney assisted immigration services for clients who chose to represent themselves before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Not all cases qualify for ezimmigrationhelp due to complexities that may be involved. Prior to acceptance of a case, all matters will be offered a free screening to determine eligibility for the type of benefit you want to apply for, this is not the same as a full consultation. You pay for only the services you need at a fixed price.

If you are interested in limited scope services contact my office for pricing. 


1. Complete form below or call 832-866-4580, for initial eligibility screening

2. Sign retainer agreement and make payment

3. Complete online questionnaire if applicable

4. Attorney works on matter, case is concluded once you accept the work performed or as stated in agreement.

Where can We help you?

Has your relative been detained by ICE and you have no idea of his/her whereabouts? We can help you locate them. We can also represent you or your relative at Immigration Bond hearings. 

Are you unwilling or unable to return to your country because of past prosecution or a well-founded fear of future prosecution; because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group? We can assist you with filing your ASYLUM PETITION, represent you before the Asylum Office, and represent you at your Defensive Immigration Court Asylum hearing, where applicable. 

Are you currently married to a U.S Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident, who is physically or emotionally abusive and you are of good moral character? We can assist you with filing your self petition under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), this Act covers both men and women.

Are you a United States Citizen and your fiance(e) is currently living outside the country? We can assist you with your K VISA APPLICATION.

Do you currently fall under any of the grounds of inadmissibility such as, entering into the U.S without being Inspected or Admitted (EWI) or have you been convited of a crime? we can assist you if you qualify for a WAIVER. 

Are you eligible for Citizenship? We can assist you with your Citizenship application. We also offer Citizenship test preparation and general assistance.

Are your relatives outside the United States? We understand the CONSULAR PROCESS. Not only can we provide you with professional legal counsel, we can assist you with filing the relative petition and all necessary documentation. Our ultimate goal is to do everything within our power to unite you and your family members.

Are your relatives in the United States? We can assist you with filing for ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS, if eligible. Even if you started the process by yourself and encountered problems with the USCIS; we are here for you. You can be rest assured that until a suitable outcome is reached and all goals are met, we shall stay on top of your case.

Are you currently in Deportation/Removal Proceedings? You can rely on our professionalism, expertise and dedication. We know the reliefs available under the Immigration and Nationality Act, we are committed to getting you the best results possible, within the confines of the law.

Do you want to file your immigration application by yourself but need general attorney guidance? We shall provide you with Immigration DO IT YOURSELF kits at a fraction of our legal fees. We shall also offer you support based on the terms of our agreement.

Whatever your Immigration legal needs are, we are here to assist you. You can depend on us for efficient and conscientious representation.


Were or your child born outside the United States and you fall under any of the following categories;

Both parents were U.S citizens at your birth or,

One parent is a U.S citizen at birth

 You or your child may have acquired U.S citizenship at birth if you meet other categories as set out by the immigration law. Contact us today, we can help you determine your eligibility, assist you to prove your citizenship and also file for your certificate of citizenship or U.S passport. You or your child does not have to be currently living in the U.S.


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find out if you qualify for the the citizenship!

If you think you have a claim to U.S citizenship and your case was not mentioned above, call us today we will be glad to assist you!

Are you currently under 18, a lawful permanent resident and in the physical custody of your U.S citizen parent? We can help you determine if you qualify for automatic citizenship after birth, contact us today for further assistance.

If you think you have a claim to U.S citizenship and your case was not mentioned above, call us today we will be glad to assist you!

Are you currently in the US on either a business or visitor’s visa, and you need to change/extend your visa due to legitimate reasons? We can assist you or guide you through the change or extension, of status process.

Do you need general assistance with filing your student visa or do you have any issues or concerns with your F1 status? Contact us today we will be glad to assist you.

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